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Your Visual Will

Will & Estate Photography Services

This is a true story, from a client.

When Aunt Lillian passed away, she left a Will with instructions to divide her jewelry amongst her living children and her nieces. Lillian's jewelry collection, collected throughout her life and upon her many intrepid travels, held an immense amount of sentimentality, particularly to her daughters. Upon the reading of her Will, because items were not specifically declared or itemized per her instructions, a rift broke out between her daughters and her cousins, each claiming rights to specific pieces of jewelry.

Pieces were claimed by her nieces that her daughters knew their mother would have wanted them to have. Arguing and fights ensued for months, leaving the cousins' relationships broken and irreparable. 

Not all stories are like this of course.

But how much easier would it be to have a visual list of all items Aunt Lillian specifically wanted to account for and leave to family members.


How easy is it for a family heirloom to be overlooked and released to an estate sale by a grieving family, only to lose this heirloom forever.

How much simpler would it be with a visual appendix attached to your Will, 

ensuring your valuable items and heirlooms end up where they are meant to be.


specialises in will and estate photography.

We come to you at your property (or properties) to photograph all you hold dear to you.

Those photos are then edited and uploaded to a private gallery online, accessible only via secure password.  The photos are then edited into a visual, itemised list with all notes taken on-site, directly from you.


This list then becomes a visual appendix for your Will, sent to you via PDF for you to keep in your files, send to your lawyer, or send to family members near and far.

What does a Your Visual Will package include?

  • our photographer traveling to you at your property (or properties)

  • high resolution photo documenting of items 

  • edited images uploaded and kept online in a private, password-protected gallery

  • curation of a Visual Will Appendix in PDF format

Full service packages begin at $325

View our packages below, as well as an example Appendix.


Your Visual Will

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Example Appendix

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