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Hi! I'm Kendall.


why photography and what kind of photography?

While I love a good wedding (and I mean, love a good wedding), I decided to switch gears a little bit in 2020 after a global pandemic made weddings a less frequent occurrence and focus my photography a bit more on families. (PS - I shoot wedding films as well! That's my sister company, But when people ask what kind of photography I focus on, I can't lie! I do a little bit of everything!

My uni degree is in cultural anthropology -- literally, the study of people. I LOVE people. And the only thing I love more than people, is photographing people, or photographing FOR people! I grew up with an amazing family, and am now lucky enough to have nieces and a nephew of my own, as well as a cheeky toddler of my own.

I shoot lifestyle, which means I'm not going to pose you (I mean, I'll pose you a little bit if you're like, HELP WHERE DO I PUT MY HANDS, don't worry, I've got you covered). I'm all about bringing good vibes and an overall positive experience to my photography sessions. Your kid needs a quick meltdown during a family session? All good. That's why my family, newborn, maternity, and birth sessions don't have a time limit! Because why would you want to feel rushed during ANY photo session?

I do things a little differently around here. I charge a session fee, not a per photo fee. That means you get ALL the edited photos from our session uploaded to an online gallery where you have access to the digital prints (except for architecture and product photography sessions, as those have slightly different parameters). They're photos of you and your family (or you and your friends/family/colleagues at an event or a wedding!) -- why would I want to keep them from you? Beats me!

I am super passionate about photography, and would love the opportunity to document your journey, wherever you are in life. And yes, I will absolutely shoot your wedding if that's what you're here for. I love weddings; I just stopped advertising my photo services for them when the pandemic hit.

What's my favourite thing to photograph? Births. There is something so intimate, sacred, and powerful about having the opportunity to photograph a birth, and it's hands down, by far and away, one of my most favourite things in the world.

but who actually am I?

I am a mama, a wife, a daughter, an auntie (x4), a best friend, an explorer, a small business owner, a book club moderator, and a sister. I began my own business in 2017 and have been going nonstop since then! If you ask my husband, he'll tell you I'm always busy, and that's pretty accurate!

I love my clients, and I love what I do. Telling a story through photo and film has truly turned in to my calling and I am so lucky to be able to work with the people that I do. 

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest (I love rain, coffee, Washington red blends, flannel, and all seafood), but as my husband and I now live in Sydney, I am starting to love flat whites, thongs, extremely warm weather, a very awkward time difference, and quokkas. 

can we meet?

Yes, let's! 

I am always happy to meet up with my clients and potential clients for a cup of coffee, a tea, a wine, a margarita, a cupcake, a puppy, or a cheese plate. You tell me what you'd like and we'll make it happen!

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